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How A Web Developer Spun His Dream of Working in New ZealandHow A Web Developer Spun His Dream of Working in New Zealand

Recently, we got in touch with Jeoffy Hipolito, an overseas Filipino worker in New Zealand, to talk to him about his experiences working and living abroad, the challenges he has faced, and how he continues to work toward achieving his goals. This will be part of a semi-regular series of articles where we feature the stories of OFWs who've made their careers with the help of RISE.

Mr. Hipolito is a web developer with 11 years of experience under his belt, and he has generously given us his time to share his story in order to inspire other Filipinos hoping to live and work abroad and encourage foreign employers to search for a hardworking labor force in the Philippines.

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How to hire workers from the Philippines

Are you an employer seeking to hire Filipino workers for deployment abroad?

Are you confused as to how will you be able to find and recruit talented Filipino individuals for your growing company?

This article will try to demystify the process of hiring workers from the Philippines. It will also serve as a guide into the documentation process that all foreign employers must go through.

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