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Requisite documents for job seekers

Required documents for job seekers or job applicants:

  • Valid passport
  • Updated and detailed resume or CV
  • Passport size photos (12 pieces)
  • Original NBI Clearance
  • Original Police Clearance
  • Birth Certificate issued by NSO
  • Transcript of Record and diploma
  • Employment certificates
  • Original Medical Report
  • PEOS certificate -
  • PDOS certificate
These are the basic requirements. There may be...
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Guidelines for authenticating documents in Japan

Guidelines for authenticating documents in Japan

(Ninsho Tetsuzuki)


Authentication (Ninsho Tetsuzuki)

Consular Authentication of Japan-sourced Documents

Documents sourced in Japan intended for use and submission to Philippine authorities must undergo consular authentication by a Philippine consular authority through verification of the seal and signature of a duly appointed official of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Gaimusho.


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